If you love what is natural, enjoy interesting design, and value quality craftsmanship, then you are in the right place.
Welcome to the world of I Wood Say

What will you find with us?

Solid boards
Mixed hardwoods
Home decor


Handcrafted goods

In our workshop, we take care of the entire production process. Starting from the initial design, through the selection of the right wood, to its processing and finishing.



We ensure that each of our ideas harmonizes with the natural characteristics of the wood from which it is made. We focus on combining original design with full functionality.



The art of nature ensures that each of our products is unique. We aim to turn any imperfections in the wood into advantages for the given project.

What's new in the store?

Functional art

Each project is a different story, with its introduction crafted in our workshop, but the subsequent chapters will be written in your home. That's why we pay special attention to details and form, so that our products provide as much aesthetic pleasure as possible and ensure usability comfort.

Discover our perspective on the fragment of functional art, which encompasses everyday items crafted from solid wood.

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